Chainguard Services

The Chainguard Services program is available now, but we are only able to take a limited number of clients as we scale up. Right now we are looking for organizations using Kubernetes or other container technologies and looking to make improvements quickly.

We’re open to working with companies of any size! We’ll also be contributing time and resources to several OSS communities to support and improve their release infrastructure. Open Source maintainers - please reach out as well!

Supply Chain Audits

We can perform audits to outline internal and external supply chain risk. We provide detailed reports with suggested remediations, improvements, and next steps.

Build systems, source code repositories, artifact repositories, deployment pipelines, and policy engines are all in scope.

We can evaluate SLSA levels and provide guidance on reaching higher levels.


Our team can provide live and written training materials and coursework on Zero-Trust Supply Chain security, the SLSA Framework, Sigstore, and more.

Online certification programs are coming later in 2022!


Looking for a little extra help? Our expert team can build custom CI/CD system plugins and integrations to help your engineers stay productive while reducing your risk to supply chain threats.

Offerings include custom distributions, build systems, CI/CD plugins, internal PKI, policy engines, and more.

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