Offical news and updates.

  • Dan Lorenc and Scott Nichols
    Dan Lorenc and Scott Nichols

    Cosigned up and running on EKS

    This blog post covers how to get started using the cosigned admission controller on Amazon EKS as a proof of concept for preventing unverified containers in your Kubernetes cluster.

  • Chainguard, Inc.
    Chainguard, Inc.

    Thank you KubeCon NA 2021!

    The Chainguard team went to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2021 and is now back and fresh. Time for some quick reflection...

  • Dan Lorenc
    Dan Lorenc

    Introducing: Chainguard, Inc.

    I am thrilled to announce our new company: Chainguard, Inc. on behalf of our founders: Matt Moore, Scott Nichols, Ville Aikas, Kim Lewandoswki, and myself - Dan Lorenc. We are making software supply chains secure by default. The rapid rise of software supply chain attacks in the last three years have shown that the software industry needs to change how we consume, build, deploy, and operate production code.

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