Dan has been working on and worrying about containers since 2015 as an engineer and manager.

He started projects like Minikube, Skaffold, and Kaniko to make containers easy and fun, then got so worried about the state of OSS supply-chains he partnered up with Kim and others to found the Tekton and Sigstore projects to make it easier to build and use containers securely; as well as SLSA to create a common language for software security and supply chain integrity. He has been involved with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, chaired the Continuous Delivery Foundation technical oversight committee, and sits on the governing board and technical advisory committee for the Open Source Security Foundation.

Kim is an engineer turned product manager. She started her career in the security space working for Lawrence Livermore Labs, and most recently worked for Google. She launched a number of Cloud enterprise products and created popular open source projects (many with Dan) including Tekton, Security Scorecards, and SLSA. Kim also sits on the boards of the Continuous Delivery Foundation and Open Source Security Foundation.

Matt is a long-time leader in the container tools space. He led the creation of gcr.io, and Uber TL'd Google's container tools efforts for several years.

As Uber TL, Matt created or helped shape dozens of popular projects (many with Dan) including distroless, kaniko, Jib, ko, as well as the popular go-containerregistry library, which powers projects like buildpacks and cosign.

With Ville, Matt started the Knative project (and its spin-off Tekton), which later led Matt, Scott, and Ville to VMware.

Scott has worked in most parts of the stack over his career while working at companies ranging from startup to "big tech". At Riot Games, Scott started his Cloud journey as a user building scalable distributed systems. At Google, he found a passion for OSS first working on Chromium, then joining Ville on the Kubernetes Service Broker where he sat on the Open Service Broker API Project Management Committee; ultimately leading Scott to advocate for the team to pivot into what is now the Google Config Connector. Scott's passion for asynchronous systems led him to rejoin Ville (and meet Matt) leading parts of Knative Eventing and the CloudEvents Go SDK.

Ville has been working on Cloud Services and Cloud Native technologies for well over a decade. While at Google, Ville led the creation and development of Google Cloud Storage as well as various other GCP services. Ville has also worked on many OSS projects including Kubernetes (first engineer on the project), Helm, and Kubernetes Service Catalog (where he met Scott). With Matt, Ville started the Knative project and is currently on the Steering Committee for Knative.

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